Krystal’s focus includes: Cultural, Anxiety& Depression, Crisis Intervention, Personality Disorder’s, Bipolar Disorder, Anti-Social, ADHD, Play Therapy, Addictions, Grief and Loss, Career Counseling, Self- harm, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Self-Esteem and Social Skills Training. Krystal is acquiring a specialization in Play Therapy and intends to utilize this form of counseling with children. Krystal also specializes in Addiction Counseling as well as treating the underlining issue. Krystal has an active interest in pursuing further training in Play Therapy as well as attain formal training through the Gotman Institute. Krystal also believes in coaching clients to succeed in future aspirations (i.e. short and long- term goal setting and attainment).
Background and Experience In the past, Krystal volunteered for Contact Crisis Lines in Dallas Texas where she utilized logistics and Carl Rogers training in Person-Centered theoretical approach in order to assess crisis situations while implementing intervention strategies, as well as suicide negotiation strategies. Krystal also received her practicum at Sigma Counseling, a state mandated addictions facility. Through this practicum opportunity, Krystal was able to receive intense cultural, co-morbid as well as couples, child and adolescents. Through this intense and rewarding experience Krystal was able to become more independent and creative in her independent theoretical approach.

Counseling Approach

Although Krystal has been trained and intends on utilizing prior experience with Carl Rogers, Person- centered approach it is also necessary to remain flexible with utilization of many other established theoretical approaches. Krystal specializes in the complex thought process (i.e. distortions or negative thinking) in order to attain a more healthy though process to invoke more positive value system to implement in friendships and career choices. Krystal also focuses on emotion regulation through identification of feelings and emotions through a solution-focused and REBT approach. Krystal also enjoys the use of hypothetical situations for children through the process of games and art therapy.

There are several program modules including:

· Fostering Friendships
· Increasing Self-Confidence
· Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
· Dealing with Bullies
· Improve communication, listening and conversational skills
· Identify and understand emotions
· Build relationships
· Manage peer pressure
· Overcome shyness and develop self-esteem
· Control anger and impulsivity
· And much more.

Hours of Operation

Krystal sees clients in Plano Texas and provides a fee of $75 (sliding scale available for those who qualify).

Office Hours: Saturday & Sunday (11am-5pm), Wednesday-Friday (4pm-7pm)

Groups (Please call to inquire for placement)

Wednesday: Life Skills for Children & Adolescents 5pm and 6pm
Saturday: Adults 10am

Recent Training

Krystal presents prior training as well as implementation of art therapy in the form of drawing, painting, music and bibliography therapy in order to influence the adoption of hobbies associated with positive behavioral influences that will impact the growth of identification of self as well as values. It is also necessary to implement Krystal’s training in the developmental stages and their impact of them in daily life as well as past implications of unreasonable expectations that elicit unnecessary or heavy expectations for the child. Through the process of therapy, we can work with discussing and asserting the needs of the child in order to be heard and inadvertently foster positive changes for the child within their daily environmental stimuli.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Play Therapy
Addiction Counseling
Couples Counseling
Crisis Management & Intervention
Anger Management
Capella University (CARCREP-Accredited)
Krystal received a Master’s in Couseling: 2015
Krystal received a Bachelor’s of Arts and Sciences with a Major in Psychology and a minor in Child Development.


Practicum student, with intension of sitting for NDP exam for LPC-I qualifications.

Supervised by Karen Tyndall
An LPC-Intern has completed their master’s degree in counseling and is required by the Texas State Licensing Board to complete 3000 post graduate counseling hours while being supervised (outside of private counseling sessions) by a trained LPC-Supervisor. Krystal also completed a residency just shy of 200 hours (i.e. intense exposure to crisis situations as well as complex counseling scenarios). Upon completion counselors are considered fully licensed by the Texas State Licensing Board.

Prior to completing her Master’s degree Krystal will have completed 750 counseling hours through her experience during her required practicum site. Krystal attained a portion of her practicum through an addictions facility that encouraged creativity as well as cultural experience.

Contact Information

Please contact me today:

P: 214-934-2835


Plano Center for Counseling, 2419 Coit Road Suite C Plano , TX

Counseling Services

Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families
Child Parent Relationship issues
Self-Esteem/Poor Self Image
Play Therapy
Depression Anxiety
Career Issues
Goal Setting